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April 19, 2018


Today, as I am reflecting on the past and looking to the future and what God has in store, I've come to the conclusion that I will decide to be rubber or a sponge in this new adventure.


I will decide to be rubber when I need to let things just bounce off of me.


I will decide to be a sponge when I need to soak up what has been given.


When I feel like everyone's opinions add up to overly critical expressions that mess with my very existence and identity - I WILL BE RUBBER - let it bounce off.  Everyone's opinion of me is not God's opinion of me.


When I'm depleted and God puts that right person in my path to help me or the on time Scripture or devotion - I WILL BE A SPONGE - soak up what God has for me.  Everyone needs encouragement, love, and help from others.  I will allow God to put those pieces through people into the puzzle of my life.


When life throws a curve ball and advice given is not meant in the greatest of style - I WILL BE BOTH - RUBBER AND A SPONGE - I will learn to find hidden truth behind what is said and I will let all the rest bounce right off of me.


God looks at me through His eyes and most people now days do not look through His eyes.  I will decide to see myself as His child and focus on the things He desires of me and let everything else bounce right off.  What about you?



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